A Whimsical Forest and a Nod to the Past


JET Graphics is known for printing the big, vibrant stuff like event displays and retail graphics. We can also have a more subtle touch suited for a corporate office.





The Honolulu office of Charles Pankow Builders asked us to help with an installation in a couple of conference rooms and a common area. In the above image, the client wanted some sort of chalkboard and/or corkboard, and had a love of trees. We combined the two ideas and conceptualized the cork trees framing the chalkboard. We used chalkboard paint, and built, stained and clear coated the chalk ledge out of Mahogany. The white text is vinyl. The final result was light and fun, without being too intrusive upon the space.


For their large conference room (below), we scanned and color corrected the oversized original illustration, and broke up the image creating the spacing you see in the finished product. All of the individual pieces have wrapped edges and are color matched to the vinyl on the wall.




Lastly, we tackled their small conference room. Since they had a green wall, we realized that using black & white imagery wouldn’t be a good idea, so we utilized the wall color as a basis for the DuoTone imagery. The boards have wrapped edges and are mounted to the wall. The striping and lettering is vinyl.




Both conference rooms look sleek and professional, with the historical photos and artists’ rendering adding a certain warmth. The customer was super happy with the end result, as were we. Keep JET Graphics in mind for your interior needs. Whether it’s a corporate office, showroom, museum exhibit or lobby, we can help.