DFS Spring Launch 2014



For this #ThrowbackThursday, we’re going back to the early months of 2014, when Duty Free Shoppers was gearing up for their Spring launch at the Waikiki Galleria, and the ever-crafty JET Graphics¬†crew was there to help.


To create these colorful window displays at DFS Hawaii’s flagship store, we printed on a variety of ¬†materials in an array of sizes. The blue sky backgrounds needed to be large enough to fill windows as large as 17 ft x 20 ft. The interlocking pieces making up the stacked displays ranged from sizes as large as 3ft x 4ft, to as small as 3 in x 4 in. The animals which magically seem to be floating in place were printed and cut to shape, and were suspended using a little bit of the ol’ JET ingenuity.


JET Graphics managed the installation and assembly of these high-quality components, with the end result being the eye-catching displays seen here. These vibrant constructs definitely jumped out and caught the attention of tourists and other passersby, having the desired effect for this international luxury retailer.