Shangri La: The Flower Show



The Garden Club of Honolulu, in conjunction with the Honolulu Museum of Art, produced a three-day exhibit called “Shangri La: The Flower Show,” featuring artistically arranged plants and flowers. It would tie in thematically to the current exhibit of items from Doris Duke’s estate focusing on the architecture, landscape and Islamic art at Shangri La, Duke’s former home.


The Garden Club transformed the museum’s courtyard into a Persian garden, and JET Graphics helped fill in the visual gaps producing ornate, Persian-inspired screens and lanterns. While these may look like metal, the effect was created by directly printing onto die-cut e-panels, and then assembling and installing them into the arrangement seen in these photos.


The design was provided by Aaron Akau of Belt Collins, for the Garden Club of Honolulu.


Shangri La: The Flower Show” runs from May 8th – May 10th at the Honolulu Museum of Art.


JET Graphics prints and installs creative environments and event displays, wherever, whenever. The bigger and crazier, the better.


Scroll down for more photos, and if you have the opportunity, visit the museum and see the courtyard firsthand.