Print-ready PDF is the standard file format for JET, unless a special format is requested during the manufacturing process.

Native Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign files are acceptable (a PDF proof is still required), although this may lengthen the production process.

Below are other standard parameters for files:

  • File dimensions should match the estimated size.
  • Please provide files at 100% scale or 10% scale as best alternative. Always note what scale your files are (make sure that your file will scale proportionately to final print size including bleed).
  • All files need to have a minimum of .25” bleed.
  • All raster images at 100dpi maximum at final size.
  • Fonts should be converted to outlines (especially for cut vinyl).
  • CMYK or RGB with profiles embedded.
  • Dielines should be provided as a separate layer and labeled as a spot color “Dieline”.
  • Prints with White Ink should be provided on a separate layer, and labeled “White Spot” (CMYK breakdown 0/50/0/0).